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Je suis le cahier - I am the notebook*

I've always been fascinated by the idea of having a diary, notebook or even separate sheets containing accounts of experiences, visions, dreams, thoughts, recipes, simple drawings of maps, phone notes or love phrases. The idea of turning a thought physical through a paper and the movement of a pencil or pen.

Caderno de anotações e registros (logbook) are visual accounts through a limited color palette that tell in an abstract way my reading about the past, through archetypes from my childhood imagination.

These abstractions contain several references, from the brand of toys that I played at the time, to elements contained in family photographs to talk about my father and mother.

In this way, the circles lined up inside a ribbon bring me the flower-patterned ornaments on my mother's dresses as a young girl. The separated circles, being a supporting figure for a mass of colors or a volume of textures, bring me the figure of my father inside a car in his youth, when he was a driver.

These abstract images are like texts or sentences, written without any grammatical formula, being exposed in chaotic or playful contexts, showing symbols of my stories.

*cover of one of Pablo Picasso’s sketchbooks